Premium Bonds prize checker

Frequently asked questions

What is the NS&I mobile prize checker?

The NS&I mobile prize checker is a great way to check whether you have won a Premium Bonds prize on the move. This version of the prize checker has been optimised for use with the web browser on your mobile phone.

What features does the mobile prize checker have?

The mobile prize checker lets you check whether you have won a Premium Bond prize this month or in the previous six months, or whether you have any unclaimed prizes.

What is a holder's number?

A holder's number is given to customers when they buy Premium Bonds. Each unique number is used to link all your individual Bond numbers. It consists of 9, 10 or 11 characters.

You should be able to find your holder's number on your Bond record, certificate of investment or other correspondence from us. Please keep these in a safe place.

I don't know my holder's number

If you can't find a record of your holder's number, write to us at the address below with your name, address, date of birth, purchase dates and amounts and any Bond numbers. If you have moved house or changed your marital status and forgotten to tell us, please also include your previous surname and/or addresses and date of birth. Make sure you sign your letter.

National Savings and Investments
Boydstone Road
Glasgow G58 1SB

When is prize winning information updated?

Prize winning information is usually updated by the third working day of the month. This mobile prize checker and the regular prize checker on our website, and our mobile prize checker app are all updated at the same time.

Will my old Bonds be valid?

If you haven't cashed in your Bonds they will still be valid and will still be eligible to win prizes each month.

How do I report a missing prize?

Because we pay out so many prizes - over a million every month - it takes us a while to pay them all.

If you have checked on this mobile prize checker and been told that you've won a prize in the most recent draw but have not received it, there's no need to report it straight away. The amount of time you might have to wait for your prize is different depending on how you've chosen to be paid.

Prizes by warrant (like a cheque)

Please allow until the end of the month for the prize to reach you. If you still haven't received it by then, write to us at the address below, quoting your Premium Bonds holder's number, the winning Bond number, the value of the prize and the month you won it. Make sure you sign your letter.

National Savings and Investments
Boydstone Road
Glasgow G58 1SB

Prizes paid directly to your bank account

Please allow until the seventh working day of the month for the prize to reach you. If you still haven't received it by then, firstly check that your nominated bank details are correct by logging in to the secure area of our website or calling us free on 0500 007 007 (calls from mobiles and some landline providers may not be free. Calls may be recorded). You'll need your NS&I number and password. If your bank details aren't correct, you'll need to amend them and then report it to us. If they are correct, you'll need to contact your bank and ask them to check why your payment from NS&I wasn't received.

To receive your prizes directly into your bank account (with notification by email) you'll need to register to manage your Bonds online. Visit

What are Premium Bonds, and where can I find out more?

NS&I Premium Bonds give you the chance every month to win £1 million. Instead of paying interest, we hold monthly prize draws with a £1 million jackpot and over a million other tax-free cash prizes. Please visit to find out more.

Can I buy more Premium Bonds using the mobile prize checker?

Sorry, you can’t use these mobile optimised pages to purchase Premium Bonds. Please visit to buy more Bonds.

Does this mobile prize checker store my personal data?

The only personal data used to check whether you have won is your holder’s number and, for your security, we don’t store this number. However your browser may store your holder’s number if it has been set up to do so.

Where can I get more help?

Please visit and complete our email enquiry form.